Who are we?

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1.Congratulations, by visiting these pages you proved to be one of those extraordinary and outstanding people who search for inspiration to make their lives exceptionally interesting. You might wonder what good winds brought you here and gradually learn what positive improvements can be introduced into your life, both professional and privet. As a matter of fact, you hardly can distinguish between professional and privet issues, as they seem to be complementary. Your profession gives you so much pleasure that working becomes pure fun. Since you find satisfaction in working and are motivated to develop your skills, you may think we have something in common.

7.There are two possible reasons for which you are visiting our site. You might be an open-minded, eager and devoted teacher, who knows learning and teaching can be pleasant, easy and safe, for whom learning and teaching is simply a joy. If that is positive, think of all the possibilities lying ahead, consider how much you can contribute to education system. Imagine that discouraging boredom and monotonous routine can really be avoided. Imagine yourself taking part in creating and changing the present education system reality. There have been more and more people acting this way within KLANZA.

13.You also might be a parent. Perhaps you remember some moments from your life, when you learnt something without involving too much effort, simply by playing. While reading this introduction, a question might come to your mind. That is, whether your child’s teachers know and, moreover, apply the methods of pedagogy by playing.


Who are we?

We have been acting for years in local community and we are famous for:

  • Organizing open meetings for teachers and volunteers from the area
  • Organizing and conducting classes and free-time activities for children
  • Carrying out workshops for teachers, also from Czech Republic and Germany
  • Organizing and chairing local events according to principles of pedagogy by playing
  • Organizing meetings for integrating education teachers, which are aimed to information and experience exchange
  • Organizing events and integrating meetings for parents, pupils and teachers
  • Organizing community service, as a part of different enterprises.

In Poland we are known as:

  • Creators of innovative education programs for both (ECE – Early Childhood Education –for kids from 2 to 7) kindergarten and younger schoolchildren
  • Authors of methodological publications, books and articles
  • Organizers and conductors of “Summer Animators Schools”, mainly dedicated for integrating education and kindergarten teachers
  • The first school in Poland under the auspices of KLANZA
  • Our excellent achievements are:
  • Stimulation of local community
  • Introduction and application of a teaching program (for classes I-III) based on methods of pedagogy by playing

“Learning by playing”- this is our motto. If you share our interests and ideas, join us!

Local PSPiA KLANZA Representative

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